Top 10 Richest Hollywood Celebrities 2014

1-Robert Downey Jr.

Robert John Downey is an American actor, film-maker and musician. Robert Downey is at the Top 10 Richest Hollywood Celebrities 2014.Robert was the age of five when  start his career in the showbiz.
He was born in 1969 in the United States. Robert Downey considered as the highest paid actor in the Hollywood round about his net worth is $75 million. He is best known for the recently Iron man film series.Robert had an important role in the blockbuster movies like The Avengers,Natural Born killers, Weird Science, Brat Pack and less then Zero or Chaplin.
2-Sandra Bullock

Sandra bullock is also an American actress and producer of the Hollywood.  She was born in 1964 in the Virginia in the United States. She was started her career in the 1990’s with roles in the film such as Demolition Man. Sandra Bullock is an second Top 10 Richest Hollywood Celebrities 2014.she has work in recently Oscar award winning movie Gravity 2013. She did as the leading role in the movie and in spite, she had many movies like the Lake house, Crash, The proposal. She is truly a beautiful and talented actress.
3-Mark Wahlberg

Charming and talented Hollywood actor is also counted as the Top 10 Richest Hollywood Celebrities 2014world. He was born in 1971. He has played in ten of movies and some blockbuster movies were like Ted, Planet of the Apes, the Italian job, the perfect Storm, No pain No Gain and Three Kings. Departed film maker also get the benefit from Mark Wahlberg’s talent . His net worth estimated is $50 million.
4-Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is also Top 10 Richest Hollywood Celebrities 2014 with the net worth of around $75 million. She is counted as the old and gold actress in the Hollywood. She starts her career from the 90’s and she has showed her talent many notable movies like The Knight and Day, The Green Hornet,The Mask, The Councler and Bad Teacher.
5-Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer is one of the most lovely and one of the Top 10 Richest Hollywood Celebrities 2014.she has also starts her career like Cameron Diaz from 1990. Jennifer got her fame from the popular TV series Friends, after she worked in the big screen of the Hollywood world movies like horrible Bosses, Bruce Almighty, The Breakup, Marley and me we’re the millers and Good girls also one of her most appreciated movie of her.
6-Danzel Washington
Next Top 10 Richest Celebrities Danzel Washington is also an Top 10 Richest Hollywood Celebrities 2014 with most paid for the movie is estimated of $30 million. Danzel has outstanding acting skills and he is one of the biggest names at the Hollywood world. He was born in the 1954. He has two Golden Globe movies until now and also other important Hollywood awards. He is not only a talented actor he is also producer and director and he has been starts making the movie since 1990.
7-Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the richest, talented  actor of the Hollywood. He is now in at the 7thposition of the Top 10 Richest Hollywood Celebrities 2014. Although he has announced his name as nomited for more than ten times for the golden globe Awards and he had won the fifth time academy awards. Leonardo DiCaprio is also known as for his roles in the Titanic and for the Great Gatsby. He was born in 1974 and he starts his career very early of his younger age.
8- Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is also one of the Top 10 Richest Hollywood Celebrities 2014 and his estimated net worth of over is $50 million. Jackman is real talented actor and his known for the x-men series and he also very notable movies like Real Steel, miserable’s with some other important roles in the prestige, prisoners, wolverine, Van Helsing or Kate & Leopold. He was born in 1968 in the Australia and he showed his talent not only big screen also in the in television and Musical theatres.
9-Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is an American actress of the theater film and television. She was always regarded as the Top 10 Richest Hollywood Celebrities 2014 of all time. She was born in June 1949. Now she is not able for leading role in the movie but her younger look and smile also has many people attraction until now. Therefore, she is at the ninth place of the Top 10 Richest Hollywood Celebrities 2014. She is talented actress and she worked in many movies like Devils Wears Prada, Mamma Mia, Julie and Julia,Becomes popular when she got the roles of movie for Iron Lady. She has paid net worth estimated at the under $50 million.
10-Kristen Stewart

Most controversial actress of the Hollywood is Kristen Stewart. She has paid currently net worth of over’s $10 million. she got fame by her most popular Hollywood series Twilight , New Moon, breaking Down part1, part2 and she has showed her romantic talents in the other movies like Messenger, Panic room, Zathura, Snow White and the Huntsman. She belongs to showbiz’s family and she always wants to director like her father but she is such talented actress serving in the Hollywood. She was born in 1990. She is the at the last position in the Top 10 Richest Hollywood Celebrities 2014.