Top 10 Pakistani Dramas 2014 for Ever Made

In the end of the year top 10 Pakistani Dramas 2014 are very fame in worldwide, because this year was very beneficent for Pakistani drama industry and Top 10 Pakistani dramas are earn huge business or gain huge familiarity in several countries. All Pakistani girls and women’s are like to see Pakistani dramas in daily routine. Before few years ago Indian dramas are popular in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Arabian countries. But currently multinational TV channels are preferred for played Pakistani Dramas in their daily routine. Yes is it true. Top 10 Pakistani dramas 2014 are make huge popularity in international level. No doubt Indian dramas are good but Pakistani Dramas are beat to Indian dramas and mostly seen Top 10 Pakistani dramas 2014. According to the international channels survey Top 10 Pakistani dramas 2014 are like by billions of people. In which people several types of person are seen, like Young girls, Young women, old women, old men and Men. Now you will see the most fame Top 10 Pakistani dramas 2014, those are put her name in world history.


10- Gunahgar
Pakistani drama Gunahgar is already start on HUM TV, this drama serial episode given with daily update on this channel, now you will be see more episode of Gunahgar. In which serial star are cast Danish Taimoor, Sara Khan, Mansha Pasha, Ushna Shah and Farhan Ali Agha amid more others. This Drama Gunahgar is very fame and this serial put her name in the list of Top 10 Pakistani drama 2014.
  9-Bashar Momin
Pakistani Drama Bashar Momin is the 9th Pakistani serial to put her name in the list of top 10 Pakistani dramas 2014. In which drama stars name are cast,Sami Khan, Faysal Qureshi, MaheenKhalid and Ushna Shah or more others name are not mention but these stars are cast very high paid. Do you know this is most important & interesting drama ever made in Pakistan. Pakistani drama Bashar Momin is seen on GEO Ent TV.
8-Ahista Ahista
Pakistani drama Ahista Ahista daily new episode are shown on HUM TV, in which serial stars name are Adnan Siddiqui, Sarwat and Mawra are played main character, this Pakistani drama shooting cast in  USA, so this Pakistani drama is made with high expensive with  great story.
Pakistani drama Qudrat are made on natural or real story based but this drama story is very amazing. Pakistani Drama Qudrat is seen on ARY Digital channel. In which serial stars are casts Momal sheikh, Ahsan Khan, Sajal Ali and Nadeem Baig. Pakistani drama is directed by popular Pakistani drama director Barkat Siddiqui.
6-Mere Apnay
Pakistani drama Mere Apnay story is very interesting, this drama make huge fame in worldwide, finally this serial put her name in the list of top 10 Pakistani drama 2014. In this serial star name are Nadeem  Baig and Bushra Ansari.  Boths pakistani star played is very important and interesting role.
5- Do Qadam Door Thay
Pakistani drama Do Qadam Door Thay is love story drama and this serial is shown on GEO Ent TV. In this drama Serial Do Qadam Door Thay stars name are Sana Khan, Alya Khan, Sami Khan and Ayeza Khan.  This drama story is very very very very attention-grabbing, because this drama story based on one women, but she did not know whos their husband. Well, this drama is very likely by Indian women’s and this fame Pakistani serial is make 5th of one top 10 Pakistani dramas 2014 forever made in Pakistan.
4-Zara aur Mehrunnisa
Pakistani drama Zaraor Mehrunnisa are two poor girls to belong very poor family, this 2 girls are played main character. This drama story are spread around these 2 Girls Zara and Mehrunnisa. In this serial two female main actress are cast Mansha Pasha,Aly Khan but more others names are Junaid Khan and Momal Sheikh. This drama serial is seen on ARY Digital Channel. This was 4th Serial put her name in the  top 10 Pakistani dramas 2014 industry ever made in Pakistan.
3-Mere Meherban
Pakistani drama Mere Meherban is produced by HUM TV, in this serial stars names are Sanam Chaudhary,  Neeelam Muneer, Ayeza Khan and Agha Ali. Pakistani drama Mere Meherban story is real life touching to look around husband and wife.
2-Hum or Hum
Pakistani fame drama Hum or Hum is 2nd top of the best ever seen serial in worldwide, in this drama stars cast Sajal Ali, Vasay Chaudhary, Mehreen Rahell and Shehroz Sabzwari. These stars are played leading character.
Most Popular Pakistani drama serial SILA is produced by HUM channel, this drama story is lesson for our life, because this Pakistani drama name are shown meaning full Lesson or any result for doing work. In this serial stars are cast Fahad Mustafa and Annie Jaffri and this Pakistani drama is directed by National drama director Abis Raza. This is first ever made Pakistani serial for seen by worldwide and like by several countries young girls and women’s. Pakistani drama SILA make first huge earning serial in drama industry and put her name in the list of top 10 Pakistani dramas 2014.