Top 10 Most Searched Actors in 2014

Do you know Top 10 most searched actors in 2014 list compile from Google search is very tuff work. But we are gathering the all report and final list of Top 10 most searched actors in 2014 are shown in my post.

One of the most important quote about list no one any Pakistani actor was exist in the list and maximum American Actors or Most searched Celebrities on Google by worldwide. Now in this world these most popular actors are earn huge familiarity because they have served many years to film industry or connect with media. Do you know more others activity or reasons that can be make most popular in worldwide…? extras crucial activities, these celebrities scandal, affairs with others and fight with wife. Well, we are mention are few reasons but more a lot others can be make cause for familiarity. Now I am mention most most biggest celebrities can be Most searched Celebrities on Google by different cause. You will be see Top 10 most searched actors in 2014 below.

 10- Michael Clark Duncan

Michael Clark Duncan is American Actor and he was first time fame by her character John Caffey. In this film he was perform very excellent performance after he was selected for Award a Golden Globe. Michael has served many years to Hollywood film industry and work in different character. In his complete life career he was get several Awards by different role. Michael have billions of fans in worldwide so it can be make 10th personality to write her name in the  list of  Top 10 most searched actors in 2014. Michael Clark was died in 3 September 2012 in California.
9- Peter Andre

Peter Andre full name is Peter James Andre, he one of the most popular singer, song writer, businessman and presenter in Television-Hollywood film industry. This celebrity main cause for make popularity and put her name in the list of Top 10 most searched actors in 2014. Basically Peter James is Australian Singer rock star. Peter ex-wife Katie Price is fame Model and Glamour actress. He earn millions dollar in a day. Peter is also very rich Singer in which worldwide top 10 richest singer of 2014.
8- Shahrukh Khan

Indian Actor Shahrukh Khan is the king of Bollywood film industry; he served her life for Bollywood film industry. Firstly he is the Pakistani Actor and belongs to Pakistani fame city Peshawar; because he was belong to Khan’s family. Now while him in young age then go to India for work in Bollywood film industry. After that He can be making Bollywood actor and put her name in the list of Top 10 most searched actors in 2014. Recently Shahrukh Khan latest film Happy New Year is released and earns highest business for all time at Film box office.
7- Sam Claflin

Sam Claflin is famous TV star and actor in Hollywood film industry. Sam was fame with the film name of William because his highest earn film can be given good name William. After he was calling by the Name of William. Sam Claflin spouse name id Laura Haddock and he get married in 2013. Sam was played role in TV Shows, The Pillars of the Earth, Any Human Heart and White Heat. Sam born on 27 June 1986 and work in several Hollywood films, names are On Strangers Tides, William is Snow White and Finnick Odair.
6- Akshay Kumar

Indian film actor Akshay Kumar is fame with her Action and comedy role. He was served Bollywood film industry and will work in more than 100 movies now Akshay Kumar upcoming films are Hera Pheri 4 and Gabbar. Akshay Kumar put her name in the list of Top 10 most searched actors in 2014. Bollywood action comedy star Akshay Kumar was nominated for several Film fare Awards. 
5- Josh Jutcherson

5th one actor Josh Jutcherson is popular American actor and he was starting her film career in 2000. Now in the end of 2014 actor Josh Hutcherson become Most searched Celebrities on Google and put her name in the list of Top 10 most searched actors in 2014. American Actor Josh upcoming films are the hunger Games and Mockingjay part 2.
4- Hrithik Roshan

4th one Most searched Celebrities on Google is Hrithik Roshan; he was popular Hindi film actor and lives in India big City Mumbai. He was fame by her full of action film Krrish. No doubt he was a good dancer but her acting is excellent. Hrithik Roshan father name is Krrish Film Director is Roshan Roshan. Roshan family earns huge popularity and makes film on budget. Roshan Family makes most popular and highest earning Bollywood movies for everyone. Hrithik Roshan becomes 4th actor to search by worldwide on Google and put her name in the list of Top 10 most searched actors in 2014.
3- Salman Khan

The 1st most popular Indian actor Salman Khan is searched by Google in worldwide. Salman Khan has billions of fans and all the fans are madly love him. Salman khan served his full life for Bollywood film industry and work in more than 120 movies. He is one actor was put her name in the world history of Top 10 most searched actors in 2014. He can’t married abut find her bride. Bollywood actor Salman Khan Affair with Beautiful Miss World Lulia Vantur is become news on media and reveled that Salman get married with Lulia Vantur.
2- Johnny Depp

2nd Most searched Celebrities on Google Johnny Depp is an American Actor, film writer and film producer. Johnny Depp won the Gold Globe Award and makes the first person to get this award in very short time of period. Jonny wife Lori Anne Allison is beautiful model. Johnny upcoming movies are Into the Woods and more others. Johhny real name is Johnny Christopher and born on 9 June 1963.
1- Paul Walker

Paul Walker is one of the 1st people who maximum searched on Google and Paul Walker Put her name in the world history list of Top 10 most searched actors in 2014. Paul walker work in most popular Hollywood fame series of Fast & Furious. He was played role in film series as hidden police officer and drive car very fast. Recent year, he was died on 30 November 2013 by car accident in California.   Paul walker sibling is Cody Walker, Caleb Walker, Ashlie Walker and Amie Walker. Paul Walker has one child, this name id Meadow Rain Walker. He was earn huge popularity in you will read full article of Top 10 most searched actors in 2014.