Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014

1-                  1-  LG G3
LG G-3 is android Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014 of LG Electronics company that was released to world in the May 27, 2014. Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014 same like  previous model G-2 LG smart phones prices
that’s was successful for the company therefore company organizer increase some technical’s improvements of this version of the LG. company is high known company in the world. Every electronics company has sell out near all over the world. Now they’re beautiful Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014 are developing for their satisfied customers to increase their relations of the marketing. LG G-3 smart phones by physically are simple new smart and 149 Kg weight. And System Android is 4.4 “KitKat” And Memory 16 GB or 32 GB  and external can be upgrade to 128 GB. Therefore its new in market its at the top of the Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014.

2-Google Nexus 4

Second Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014 the Google Nexus 4.this is combined developed by the Google and LG company that’s runs with Android systems on it. It was released on the 13 November 2012.  This Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014 was base on the LG Optimus G with 8 mega-pixel Camera ,QI wireless charging , android version is 4.2 with networks is GSM/EDGE?GPRs 850 to 1900 Mhz) #G UMTS/HSPA+(850 to 2100MHZ) and memory is 8GB Or 16 GB.

3-LG G-2

Now the Third number of the LG G-2 is the same lower version of the LG G-3 because it was base of the Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014 Optimus G. LG G-2 is released on September 2013 and its base was same base of LG Mobiles..its LG smart phones prices and height is 5.45 inch , 2.79 in width 8.9 inch and its weight is 1.4 KG. Its android operating system which version is 4.4.2  and its LG smart phones prices is $329.

4-LG Optimus 4X HD P880

LG Optimus 4X HD P880 is multi-touch running smart phones running with android operating system which is also designed by the Same LG Company.  Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014 are first smart phones of the year when it was released on 4 X HD LG smart phones prices released online. this was released  on the first June 2012. Its running with operating system with 4.0 Ice Cream Sand witch. It could be upgrade to 4.1.2.Quad Core Processor with internal memorney 16 GB.micros-SD Card can be support to 32 to 64 GB. this smart phone height is 4.7 inch height, 1280* 720 Pixels 550 nit brightness, 16777216 colours,24 bit,16:9 Ratio.
5-LG L-7 Dual

This is Multi touch-screen android system also designed by the LG Organization company.This smart phone was released on the March 2012 and its also running operating system android 4.1.2 jeely belly. its compatible the  networks for the 2G and 3G networks of the local networks and LG smart phones prices are released online. Its Dimension is the 125,5 mm height, 67.1 mm width, depth is 8.7 mm and weight is 122 g and Wi-Fi connectivity Bluetooth Front Camera VGA(640*480) and Rear camera 5.0 Mega pixels . Touch screen data inputs is used in this smart cell. thisLG smart phones prices is available all over the world with very desirable price range.. This beautiful dual smart phone is at the fifth position of the Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014.
6-LG G Flex

LG G Flex is very unique design mobile of the LG company this was very interesting with new stylish looks in the market. Therefore this mobile is at the sixth place in the number of the Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014.this is basically made of the flux metal plastic which brings the G flex a Plus Of elegance its screen is near to 6 inch with 720 to 1280 Pixels high resolution display. Its weight is 177 grams its market LG smart phones prices is the $649.99. I think it’s suitable that its design is quite interesting for sell out on this LG smart phones prices.

7-LG F-70

 LG F-70 is the cheapest 4-G smart phone of the LG company that makes the seven number in the position of the Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014.its design wise is simple and smart its  available in the market in two colours in black and white this smart phone is quit related to the LG F-90. Its screen height is 4.5 inch that’s why is easily handled in the hand of the user and LG smart phones prices are available with favorable price range.

8-LG F-90
LG F-90 is another wonder mobile of the LG Electronics Company and exist in the list of Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014. there is also 4 G smart phone s with 4.7 inch screen with 540 *960 pixels Screen multi touch screen and With 8 mega Pixels camera auto focus, 1280 * 720 P-HD and 0.3 Pixels VGA front camera its very successful by the for their beautiful style in all the customers and also mentions LG smart phones prices.

9- LG G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2 is an Android Alphabet smart phone produced by the same company. its comes  with two standard colors black and white in which Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014. it was released on the In the February 2014. Its dimension is the height is 6.22 inch , 3.22 width,0.33 inch depth and weight is 172 Kg its storage is the 16 or 32 GB. one of the most important think about this LG Smart  Phones that whats the LG smart phones prices…?

10- LG G Mini  

  LG G Mini is smart phone is best rather than Samsung galaxy2. It’s cheapest quadcore 600 processor with Ram is 2GB DDR. Memory 32GB with removable Micro-SD and rear camera is 13.0 megapixels and front is 2.1 MP. Its running on the operating system 4.1.2 jelly bean.with Battery 3,140MAh.its size is 150.76.1, 9.4 mm. Therfore its beautiful design and best system that is the last tenth number of the Top 10 LG Smart Phones 2014 and LG smart phones prices.