Top 10 Hotels in the World

 Each country has many hotels and some experts visit to every country and choose the best Top 10 Hotels in the world. These Top 10 Hotels are best about his good services,
features and food and best thing is that these hotels provide a relief and comfort according to their beautiful room. Every people want to live beautiful place where they enjoy all kinds of enjoyment. The expert does too many efforts to find the Top ten Hotels in the world.
  The good things of these Top 10 Hotels is that they can provide a good service for their guest and does not to want to gave them any type of complaints because they never want to lose good reputation of their resort. The Top ten Hotels are these….!
               The first one is “QUINTA REAL ZOCATECAS”. This Top ten Hotels is situated in the country of Maxio. This hotel is one of the best hotels which we like too much and we saw it in last of 1975 to where the san Pedro built it through bullfighting ring. This is the one and beautiful resort in this country. This hotel is consist of three floors, law plaza and second is the place where we stand and enjoying the sunshine and last one is cathedral Fatima. In this hotel the good thing is that the music plays in light mood in every weekend.
ATTRAP REVES ALLAUCH is the 2nd won the Top 10 Hotels in the world that hotel built on the country of France, Most of the people enjoying the beautiful sight. The guest come in this resort because this hotel gave them a good facility because camp in bubble. Each bubble has an individual bathroom and guest can maintain their privacy. This best Top ten Hotels also provides a friendly environment and special welcome for their guest.

  The third one is “CAPROBANE ISLAND” and this hotel situated in Sri Lanka. This hotel is also including the best of Top ten Hotels. This hotel built in 1920.the shape of the Top 10 Hotels is like a bowl. The island consists of two and a half acre. The guest came here in the boats here every guest view a sea in every side of the hotel. Here five bed rooms is villa. The villa is specially designed for close space. The security guard available 24 hours.

      The forth one is the Top 10 Hotels is “WHITE POD”. This hotel situated in Switzerland. This hotel totally depends on season. This shape is the best Top ten Hotels is dom. Mountains are fully covered with snow. The meal is served to their guest around the fire.

   The 5th best hotel in the world the name of this hotel is “JALES UNDERSEA LODGE”. This hotel is located in Florida. To visit this Top 10 Hotels you must need 10000 languages, beneath because it is an underwater. It is full of comfort and there is no fear to feel it.

        “KOKOPELLIS CAVE BED AND BREAKFAST”. this building is built in Mexico. In this Top ten Hotels when the breakfast is not ready the kitchen will be stocked. The four corner of the U.S locate the koko piles’.

       The “HOTAL KAKSLAUTLANE” is situated in Fine land, The thermal glass use in this construction in this Top 10 Hotels. Each guest have individually room which gave a full of comfort.

        The 8th best hotel in the world is “GREEN RESORT” which is situated in India. This is the one of Top ten Hotels where dreams are come true. The guests have separate playgrounds in this hotel. It is situated in forest.

       The “SEGROTTE DELLA CIVITA“.this building is built in cave. In this Top 10 Hotels very fine stone while construction. There are the Top ten Hotels in the world. According to the traditional design making a simple furnishing and specially focused on history and authentic experience.

    The last one of the best top 10 hotels is “HOOPOE YURT HOTEL“.It is situated in spain.while construction of this hotel use traditional tent. In this top 10 hotels have different variety of furniture which is bring from other countries. The surrounding attraction is well to enjoying the day trip.