Top 10 Hollywood Affairs 2014

1-Mia Farrow, Soon Yi Previn and Woody Allen
One of the oldest Hollywood affairs in between is Mia Farrow, Woody Allen and soon Yi Previn. In the 80’s,Woody Allen has a relationship with Mia Farrow they never got married,
but they adopt two children tighter one was biological and second was the adopted which is called soon Yi . In 1992 the woody Allen married with Soon YI. She was 20 years old on her marriage. This is very strange Hollywood an affair in the world therefore is at the Top 10 Hollywood Affairs 2014.
2- Mary Louise Parker, Billy Crudup and Clair Danes

Once another strange Hollywood affair between most awards winning actress Mary Louis Parker with Billy Crudup was in long term relationship almost seven years old during this relation they had biological relation and they and a child after that Crudup met another filming Beauty Clair Dance. This was a quadrangle affair on the list of Top 10 Hollywood Affairs 2014 and dance she also leave the Crudup and she married another men.
3-Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Parker-Bowles

Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Bowles affair was not the Hollywood triangle but that was counted as affair at the third in number of the Top 10 Hollywood Affairs 2014.charles met with the Bowles in the 1970 and that relationship was grownup till his marriage. That was one royalty affair in the history and also written in the list of Top 10 Hollywood Affairs 2014. Camila Parker Bowles got married in 1973 to Andrew.  She has relationship with the Charles and she trusted on him and he will be close friend for her always.
4-Dennis Quaid, Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe

One of the golden couple of the Hollywood was the Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid many people appreciated on them. Ryan married with Quaid and biological son. They were the sweetheart of the America. But this marriage was run only nine years after the marriage. Ryan met with the Crowe on the set of the Proof Of life and Ryan claimed that the she had not been sincere with me fully throughout the marriage. Finally they announced for the divorce to end this relationship.
5-Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Eddie Fisher

According to report of the film in 1963 the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was playing a role of the Elizabeth real character in the film. She met with the Burton and starts the Top 10 Hollywood Affairs 2014 and then she married with Eddie fisher that was not good for the American Motion thereof the banned by the government after that they divorced by their arrangements and married each other on twice time think how is this possible but it happened and now this the fifth position of the Top 10 Hollywood Affairs 2014.
6-Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher

Elizabeth Taylor was on famous celebrity of the Hollywood which she got married eight times in her life. Eddie Elizabeth third number husband mike Todd was killed in the plane crash. She was also ready with her husband in the plane but accidently she was a high fever. Reynolds and Eddie Fisher were good friends of the Taylor. After that Taylor’s fourth marriage the Reynolds forgave of them and made a film in 2001.     
7-Vera Steinberg, Danny Moder and Julia Roberts

Danny Moder was the camera man on the film set of The Mexican, and Vera was the first wife of Moder. Other Julia Roberts one sided   true love was start with Danny Moder, she had decided to marry with him. He said to her I m in marital status. After some difficulties time she finally got married with the Moder and now she had three children.
8-Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston

  Angelina Jolie is one of the famous Hollywood actresses she had many played in the block buster movies and got a name in the industry. On the set of the Mr. and Miss smith she start affair with Brad Pitt and she decided to marry with him although Pitt was Jennifer Aniston. this couple also put her name in the top list of Top 10 Hollywood Affairs 2014. I don’t know how Jolie did with their relationship and she got married with Bradd Pitt and they have their children and living their life. Pritt still loves with his ex wife now he is lying with Angelina jolie for their children.
 9-laura Daren, Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt was not the first man in the life of the Anglina Jolie , she had also marriage with the Billy bob and they spend three years of their life together. After the divorce of the Jolie got married with Brad Pitt and bill Bob with Laura Dern.they both couple did in the Jurassic parks series together in the husband and wife role. but Anglina Jolie and Brad Pitt is the fame lovely affair in the list of Top 10 Hollywood Affairs 2014.
10-Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders

One of the latest Hollywood affairs at the list of Top 10 Hollywood Affairs 2014 in Hollywood film industry and Kristen Stewart scandals which she has leaked the bad pictures with Rupert Sanders. Robert Pattinson and Kristen were in the relationship and they did the twilight series all part together and got fame from the world. After that Kristen got same bad pictures with Rupert Sanders on the public place.