Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes 2014-15

1-Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk  is one of  Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes 2014 in the world. Dodge motorbike maximum speed was recorded at 350miles/h (560km/h).This motocycles firstly  introduced by U.S.A IN 2003.
Dodge Tomahawk motorbike is places at the top of Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes 2014-15 in the world of 2014.this vehicle  physically prepared with 9 cylinders which can produced 500 horse power at the speed of 5600 rpm. According to dimension of this motorcycle length is 2600mm (102 in), width  700mm (27-7 in), and height 940mm (36.9 in). Dodge bike is mostly available in silver and black colors.
2-Suzuki Hayabusa (GSX1300R)

Suzuki Hayabusa is at Second top Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes 2014-15 in the world which introduced by the Japanese in 1999 and this vehicle has also won acclaim as the world’s fastest production motorbike till 2013.this vehicle can boost up the seed  188 to 194 miles /h(303 to 312 km/h). Now there are two  models of Suzuki Hayabusa available in the market, which one was introduced in 1999 and second was prepared with better improvement of exhaust system, fuel consumption, high electrical lighting system and overall design also changed in the 2008 production. Hayabusa officially used for the purpose of installation of trackers, cameras and speed checking in United Kingdom.
3-MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K

Turbine superbike Y2K was starting to produced since in 2000 and end up in the 2005 by company of Marine Turbine Technology Corporation. Turbine motor vehicle is at the third Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes 2014-15 in the world. Turbine Superbike can produce maximum power of 320 horse power with the rate of 6000 rpm. Its maximum speed recorded with 200miles/h (322 km/h).
4-Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird

Honda Corporation produced the fourth Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes 2014-15 in the world. This vehicle firstly introduced in 1990 to compete the Suzuki Company’s fastest bike Kawasaki Ninja Zx-11. Finally in 1997 the sport rider company tested his speed with the maximum of 178.5miles/h (287.3km/h) after that Honda labeled by fastest motor bike in whole world. According to physical dimensions his length is 2160mm (85in), width 720mm (28in), height 1170mm (46in) and with fuel consumption rate of  16.7km/liter. There are six different generations of this motorbikes released with the better improvement in the 1998, 1999, 2000,2001,2002,2005.
 5-Yamaha YZF R1

 The Yamaha YZR R1 is world’s fifth Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes 2014-15 that was produced in 1998 by the Yamaha corporation company. Its maximum speed recorded at the 170 miles/h (273km/h) with the power of 128.2 horse power which is equivalent of 95.6 kW at 10,000 rpm. There Yamaha YZF are near to 7 total versions released in 19999, 2000, 2002,2004,2006,2007 and 2009.
6-MV Agusta F4

The Italian motor bike is at the sixth  position of Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes 2014-15 in the world. Its first time introduced in 1998 which designed by the Massimo Tamburini at CRC (Cagiva Research Center) which is known as the Italian motor bike manufacturing company. MV Augusta F4 is almost four exhaust pipe which makes stylish, most beautifully, environment friendly motorcycle.This vehicle is suitable for riding in the weather areas.
7-Kawasaki Ninja

 Kawasaki Ninja is also known as Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes 2014-15 in the world of ranking. Kawasaki is  famous by his speed and also stylish look in entire world. It has recorded top speed near to 186 miles /h. Kawasaki Ninja is deserved at seventh top position. By his speed and look the demand of this motorcycles increasing day by day.
8-Aprilia RSV 1000R Mille

Aprilia RSV 1000R Mile deserved at the eighth Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes 2014-15 in the world. This faster motorbike vary famous in the people by his smoothly run and they get fully entertainment by riding on this motorbike. Demand of this motor bike is increasing day by day in the entire world. This motorbike is produced by Aprilia manufacturer corporation limited . It produced with 998 cc and 60 degree v twin engine. This very fastest motorbike 2014-15 speed was recorded at near to 278miles/h.
9-Bmw K1200 S

 This most beautiful stylish motor bike deserved at the ninth Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes 2014-15 in the world. This motorcycle is associated with the quality and deluxe product company. They also produced cars and also best fastest motor bike in the world. This vehicle has almost produces power of 164.4 at the speed 10250 rpm. BMW motor bike fastest speed was recorded at the 278 km/h.
10-Ducati 1098 Series

Ducati 1098 Series is one another more stylish, beautiful, good looking motorbike in the world which deserved last number of Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes 2014-15 in the world .Its fastest speed recorded at the 169 miles per hour and its also famous by his highly efficient riding with the four valves per cylinder engine.