Top 10 Best Pakistani Female Singers Of All Time

Pakistan has a very rich culture of music. and you will read about Top 10 Best Pakistani Female Singers biography in short description. History of Pakistani music is brimming with great names like Madam Noor Jehan and Nayyara Noor. Our singers are not only popular within the continent but they have gained up overall fame.

In this article i will discuss top 10 best Pakistani female singers of all time. Music is all over in this universe. Everything has music of itself in it, the whole thing works on a rhythm. In this century music has become very famous; life with no music appears unimaginable especially for the youngsters. Pop songs and rock music have turned the hottest trend yet the old singers and old songs are still alive in our souls. The music industry of Pakistan is also very booming life the Hollywood and Bollywood music industries. Pakistani female singers have done extraordinary commitment in including name of Pakistan in the world of music. Superiority of the sound and tune of voice are the specialties to fame of Pakistani female singers. Nazia Hassan, Reshama, Madam Noor Jahan are those names who are music legends of Pakistan and the rundown goes far long. Top 10 best Pakistani female singers of all time are:
10. Fareeha Pervez: 
Famous Pakistani singer Fareeha Pervez is recognized as the 'Boo Kata' girl, she is a performer as well as she is trained classical singers too. She began her music profession with the musical program of youngsters “Angan Angan Tare”. She has recorded very good songs for Pakistani movies and also Pakistani television plays. 
9. Shabnam Majeed: 
Famous Pakistani singer Shabnam Majeed is singing from the age of eight. Shabnam Majeed is a very popular Saraiki and Urdu singer. She has sang numerous Saraiki and Urdu songs. One of Shabnam’s song "Anarkali" from the album ‘Supreme Ishq’ topped the outlines for a long time.
8.Hadiqa Kiyani: 
Hadiqa Kiyani is a very famous writer, singer and model. Hadiqa Kiyani went to the spotlight in 1995 with her solo album “Raaz”. She is included in the list of top 10 best Pakistani female singers of all time. Not long after arrival of her album she began singing for famous music movie “Sangam”. Hadiqa has becoming in ubiquity from that point forward ceaselessly. 
7.Saira Naseem: 
Saira Naseem generally sung for Punjabi movies and Punjabi songs yet she has likewise add to the Urdu movies throughout the mid of 90s movies. When Saira Naseem sang Syed Noor's movies “Churian” and “Ghongat” she all of a sudden turned into an immediate hit. 
Mehnaz was an exceptionally famous playback Pakistani singer. She is included in the list of top 10 best Pakistani female singers of all time. She sung diverse sorts of classical music that incorporate Thumri, Dadra, Gazal and Khayal. 
5.Shazia Manzoor: 
Shazia Manzoor turned into a super hit when she sang “Chan Mery Makhna” song. Shazia has sung several songs for Pakistani movies and she likewise discharged a lot of albums at the same time. Afterward in her profession she began to concentrate just on the Punjabi songs and Punjabi music. 
4.Naheed Akhtar: 
Naheed Akhtar began her music career in the year 1974. She turned into a national big name with the songs like “Tha Yaqeen Key Ayein Gi Yeh Rata'n Kabhi”.She is included in the list of top 10 best Pakistani female singers of all time. She gets to be extremely prominent among individuals and she is recognized as the beautiful voices in Pakistan’s music industry.
3.Tina Sani: 
Tina Sani is very famous and popular for her classical and semi-classical Gazals. She was the most famous Pakistani singer of her generation. She is included in the list of top 10 best Pakistani female singers of all time. She also got a Pride Of Performance honor from Pakistan’s Government for her commitments to the music. 
2.Nayyara Noor: 
Nayyara Noor reclassifies Gazal in spite of no musical education or training. Nayyara Noor took a difficult task of singing Gazals by Ghalib and Fiaz Ahmad Faiz and did it great way. She has additionally sung melodies for movies as a playback singer, for the most part with Mehdi Hassan and Ahmed Rushdi. She is thought to be one of the best singing voices that Pakistan music industry could still have. 
1.Madam Noor Jehan: 
Madam Noor Jehan is ranked at 1st number in the list of top 10 best Pakistani female singers of all time. Madam Noor Jehan is the tune queen of sun-continent who was born in Pakistan’s city Kasur yet afterward loved to Bombay when she was a small child. Noor Jehan married and afterward returned to Lahore to turn into a best playback singer in the historical backdrop of Pakistan She has recorded in excess of one thousand songs in her life career. At one instant of her life she was recording five melodies in a day. Separated from singing her devoted tunes get to be well known in 60s and 70s.