Top 10 Best Android Application 2014

1-Google Translate

We have seen many translators but the Google translator is at the top of top 10 Best Android Application 2014. The Google translator application offers translation of 70 over languages
with the handwritten words, symbols, spoken words, text recognition via camera. This application can translate your text in the form of text and audio form. This application is freely available in the android stores for all the Smartphone’s users. In my view Google translator at the first best application user can download the application with help of Wi-Fi and other mobile data charges.
2-Andriod Calculator

Calculator is one the 2ndTop 10 Best Android Application 2014. This  is new calculator android application  available with new looking and nicely to use.  This calculator application has available with dark colour themes in the android store. And users can select any of their choices themes for the use this application. This application has pretty standard design with sum button on the top and keypad at the bottom, By swiping down, you can view the history calculation. There is the reverse button and scientific function’s button also facilitates the user.
3- Photo Editor by Aviary

This is another best android application for the user is the Photo Editor by Aviary’s mobile with the effects and filters and enhancement tools. There are most important a feature of this application is the ‘meme’ button that superimposes font on the top on your photos which you want work in editing by the editor called Top 10 Best Android Application 2014. There is many enjoy able feature consists on this application.
4- Android Music 
The Top 10 Best Android Application 2014 music application is very famous in the user. There is cloud Music freely easily available for the music listener which type of they want in which type of language. By this application u can alert about new Music concert. When user downloads and installs This application, then it will scan your smart phones and Desktop Pc’s  and saves all music list will save in there playlist.
5-Viber and WatsApp

Viber and Watsapp android application are very popular in the youth. These are at the 5thplace of Top 10 Best Android Application 2014.By this application you can contact with your families and friends. If  Wi-Fi is available and mobile data roaming then you can enjoys video calls and chats and audio-chats and share your free images,audio ,video- music by this application.
6- Stitcher Radio  
This is another popular application in which Top 10 Best Android Application 2014 list which user makes the contact with the world without any visa and air tickets at the home. This stitcher radio brings together live stations and recorded talk-radio shows and pod-casts. 

This is one an wonder application of Top 10 Best Android Application 2014 the android system. Lumosity is an application in which their aims to train the humanity brains. It helps how to use their brain and attentions by using fun and little games. There are almost 40 games for train the human brains and it also helps to train the problems solving. This is one new application and its very interested for the android users. Therefore, this application is at the 7thnumber in the top 10 best android application. Lumosity android application is freeing available in the android store just click and install on your tablets and smart phones.
8-Vlc for Android Beta

Vlc is most amazing application in the android store of list Top 10 Best Android Application 2014. This is an amazing application, which has capability to play any existing videos and audio format in the world. It also adds free and works lag free application. This media player is free and open source plate-form that plays almost all media files of the discs, devices and network streaming .this is one most popular application in the users and this application is available in many versions. So user can easily download over Wi-Fi and other data roaming free of cost and update easily. This android application at the eighth place of the Top 10 best Android Application 2014.
9-Sleep Cycle Alarm clock

Android system application has been introduced many wonder application and sleep cycle alarm clock is one of them and by my view it’s at ninth place of the Top 10 best android application 2014. Sleep cycle alarm clock its boasts the ability to wake up the feelings and gives you a better sleeping patterns. This application is available in the $1-99 on the android store.
10-Google slides

Very decent and important application of the android is Google slides in which you can edit and collaborate on presentation with others. Google had started this application early year that they would be bringing slides from the drive to make them an full standalone application called Top 10 Best Android Application 2014. First user download this application on your tablet, smart phones and desktop after the successful installation this application have no more needed internet to edit the documents.